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Value Added Product strategies

Value Added Product strategies

Since after liberalisation of education and the growing literacy in parents the demand for good schools has increased multi fold.Setting up a entire school and establishing it is a complete lengthy process which needs a sincere team efforts and in depth knowledge of the process. The consulting should have a through liaison person to so as to ensure uninterrupted flow of process.

A dedicated person should be there with the school for at least two years, once the school is physically set up. The efforts of the person should be such that the following attributes are achieved.

The entire school should become a learning laboratory.
Having a stress free atmosphere
Encouraging creativity
Confidence building
Inculcate values
To encourage children to pursue the career of their choice
Quality control is maintained
An administrative person need to be also attached to the school for a period of at least 2 years who can ensure compliances.

Our role as a Education consultant is to physically set up school and establish the same so that the school becomes self operational without any blockade.

We have a team of dedicated private school consultant who are in the field of education as well as administration. The team is well qualified having degrees of post graduates and doctorates associated with experience of 20 to 30 years in the same field.

We can establish school for the stack holders at a very economical cost and quality as well as on time.

  • Setup management advisory
  • Managing committee
  • advisory body
  • Operations management advisory
  • School related processes
  • ISO facilitation