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Floating Solar Power Plant Survey

Floating Solar Power Plant Survey

Survey for Floating Solar Power Plant

Yolax now entered in the floating solar power plant survey field equipped with Multibeam, Side bottom Scanner, Sub Bottom Profiler, ADCP, Single beam Eco Sounder etc. and other precision equipment. Our experts can identified the perfect place for installation of floating solar power plant in reservoir, dam and Lake etc. We have Echo sounders, both single and multi-beam with sound velocity data to correctly produce depth measurements. We offer Bathymetric and hydrographic surveys with a large range in sound velocity sensors and profilers that have world-beating accuracy.

Bathymetric and hydrographic surveys, useful in understanding the topography of water-bed such as locating any bed-rock outcrops, obstacles at bed level if any, and optimum locations for placing anchors and mooring for the floating platform. Our bathymetric and hydrographic surveys that roughly take between 7 and 15 days to conduct, involve the use of precise instruments and methods. The survey gives information on the waterbed in the form of a contour map comprising details related to the depth of the waterbed with reference to datum level. The contour map is a decisive factor in identifying the best location of anchoring and mooring, desilting requirements, etc. A bathymetric survey is best tool to estimate the depth of a waterbody, and in understanding of the underwater geography of a particular waterbody.

We do survey for floating solar solution that aims to develop innovative and smart technologies for a sustainable future. Floating Solar Solution obviates the need for large tracts of land by installing solar panels on lakes, ponds, reservoirs, lagoons etc.