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Drone, UAV Survey

Drone, UAV Survey

Yolax Infranergy Private Limited, a leading India based service providers of land surveying, aerial surveying, marine surveying and all types of aerial photography and video for commercial advertising, display, marketing and domestic applications. We expertise in proficient aerial photography services with inventive sensor technologies in the areas of Drone, UAV survey India, mapping, GIS surveying, topographical survey, 3D mapping survey, photogrammetry consultancy, drone inspection in railway/roads, aerial infrastructure monitoring, mining services, rural automatons, vegetation mapping, crop health monitoring as well as aerial filming and aerial photography services. Our UAV system independently cover expansive zones to catch high determination information in visible or Near infrared spectrum for producing highly detailed and accurate orthophotos, 3D Digital Elevation Models and topographic data.

In many drone companies in India Yolax Infranergy has spearheaded technological advancement in services and products and clients satisfaction with a track record of 100% safety and reliability. Drones are capable of capturing the most vivid footage of live events across the globe irrespective of their duration. We are having practical experience in the collection, analysis, presentation and conveyance of geospatial data.

Aerial Photography-

We offer Aerial Photography by using drones in Business advancements, Real estate, Special events like Sports or any memorable occasions. Here we offer Aerial Drone Photography/Videography that is second to none. We digitize the real world for business and government. From huge spans of scene down to individual pieces of machinery, we capture everything. Our depth of resources provides the flexibility to adapt our methods to specific project needs. We then help our clients manipulate it, analyze it, and profit from it. Get in touch with us for any of your airborne photography needs.

Orthomosaic and Recording-

Drones are increasingly use thermal imagery to provide high-value deliverables to clients. We at Yolax with having drone provides the opportunity to have high resolution single images or multiple images stitched together to create an "orthomosaic". These images are georeferenced so when used in other applications such as GIS they are in their correct location. Orthomosaic maps are created from data flights that capture numerous images and their associated data. The images are processed post flight to produce a georeferenced map that is current to the day it was flown.


A valuable and novel application of photogrammetry is the creation of 2D/3D models. We offer 2D/3D modeling survey with using photogrammetry which is the process of authoring high-quality, reusable, and game-ready digital assets, by using multiple photos of the original real-world objects. Photogrammetry can be classified several ways. It’s best suited to objects that are time-consuming to produce in 2D/3D sculpting software. It produces very high-quality geometry and textures. Photogrammetry is used in fields such as topographic mapping, architecture, engineering, manufacturing, quality control, police investigation, and geology. Archaeologists use it to quickly produce plans of large or complex sites and meteorologists use it to determine the wind speed of tornados when objective weather data cannot be obtained. Photogrammetry services in India is also commonly employed in collision engineering, especially with automobiles.