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Railway Engineering Consultant, Approval of Plan from Railway

ESP (Engineering Scale Plan)

ESP (Engineering Scale Plan)

Our railway engineering consultant team provides you with detailed ESP (Engineering Scale Plan) report of analysis and designing services for Rail, Road, building, bridges, highways, water treatment plants and railroads. Our team of experts works after detailed study and environmental factors for the project site.

Based on the following studies ESP can be implemented-

Indian Railway Standard Drawings - Indian Railway Standard Drawings design by the code issued by the Railway Board and as per Research Designs and Standards Organisation (RDSO).

Indian Railway Standard Designs - Where Indian Railway Standard designs exist, they invariably follow for all new works and no modification of such designs introduce without the previous approval of the Railway Board.

  • Approval of Plan from Railway. Engineering Scale Plan for each structure to be construct.
  • Diagrams of connections at track, line and other loops, as necessary for each track to be lay.
  • Detailed drawings for all bridges and culverts.
  • Detailed working drawings of ā€œLā€ Section, Cross Section, Layout etc.
  • Preparation of Land Licensing drawing as per requirements.