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Railway Consultancy



YOLAX is on the list of approved consultants for survey construction management of Private Railway Siding in Central Railway, Eastern Railway, North Western Railway, South East Central Railway, West Central Railway and Western Railway.

The Services rendered are:

FSR – Feasibility Study Report

Yolax Infranergy has always been a part of consultancy services for railways with the use of Modern surveying techniques and instruments. The feasibility studies are the first analysis to be carried out once the implementation of a construction has been decided. The study determines if the construction is feasible and will establish the technical and financial basis for the ...

In principle / RTC (Rail traffic clearance)

The initial approval for rail train traffic is essential for movement of rails on available infrastructure for which Railway gives the In Principle and RTC. To obtain the same our team prepares the Conceptual Plan of the proposed infrastructure. On acceptance of the conceptual plan the In Principle/RTC approval may be accorded by Railway authorities.

Survey for Construction Plan

Construction Surveys calculate and mark on the ground where, both horizontally and vertically, specific design elements are to be placed and constructed. This process is to stake out reference points and markers that will guide the construction of new structures such as rail/roads or buildings. These markers are usually staked out according to a suitable coordinate system ...

DPR (Detailed Project Report)

DPR is the study that includes detailed design of the railway routes, the infrastructure required alongside the track, cost estimate and bid documents for construction based on the existing and predicted travel demand, demographic features etc. The DPR should be prepared carefully and with sufficient details to ensure appraisal, approval and subsequent ...

ESP (Engineering Scale Plan)

Our construction consultants’ team provides you with detailed ESP (Engineering Scale Plan) report of analysis and designing services for Rail, Road, building, bridges, highways, water treatment plants and railroads. Our team of experts works after detailed study and environmental factors for the project site.

OHE (Overhead Electrification)

Overhead Electrification is designed on the principle of one or more overhead wires (or rails, particularly in tunnels) situated over rail tracks, raised to a high electrical potential by connection to feeder stations at regular intervals. Yolax Infranergy is among the very few companies in India having end-to-end capabilities in the Railway...

Signaling & Tele-Communication

Yolax is experienced railway industry professional consultants. Our program is designed for continuing professional development of engineers working or commencing their work in the area of rail signaling. The service offers a thorough understanding knowledge and best practices in rail signaling and telecommunication including the concepts of rail signaling...